August 23rd 2023


Big release, ended up taking 2 months to go through development and QA.

At a high level it includes:

  • Added a few new features: location on punch in/out, simple mileage tracking, employee hourly rate, business project pay rate, mark times as paid, photo attachments.

  • Localization for German, French, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs

  • Fixed a few inconveniences

  • Clarified the existence of freemium by updating the individual paywall

Detailed items addressed:

  1. Custom date range defaults to 1946 bug

  2. Employee account - Not showing manual entry button even when company settings should allow

  3. Crew Invite button stuck on loading

  4. App is not responding on email invite

  5. Adjust 'Subscribe' button wording

  6. Turn on 'allow employee edits' by default for companies

  7. In app message isn't opening links bug

  8. Android - Tab bar and punch out buttons should not move up when keyboard appears

  9. Duplicate Project names issue between iOS and Android

  10. Record location on punch in and out

  11. Show ads to freemium users after they hit the paywall

  12. Show tier 0 paywall only once, we have small ads in place now, so no need to pester people

  13. Attach photo to block

  14. Mileage tracking - input your start and end odometer and we'll calculate and store the mileage. The UX still needs a bit work, which will come in next update

  15. App keeps clocking me out after using the widget

  16. 3.1.782 block details unable to add new entry

  17. Update RN version

  18. Add tutorial message when inviting new crew members to company

  19. Reimbursement and other income text not clearing bug

  20. Italian localization review

  21. Spanish localization review

  22. Korean review

  23. German review

  24. French review

  25. Japanese localization review

  26. Remove Dutch localization - we don't have any Dutch downloads and it's not worth maintaining

  27. UI issues in timesheet month picker in dark mode

  28. In app message - don't show multiple messages consecutively

  29. Remember week/pay period selection in time sheet tab

  30. Onboarding questionnaires to help turn on/off features

  31. BUG: The date header design issue on Android

  32. Block details - bin icon missing

  33. Mark as paid feature

  34. Improve widget reliability

  35. Punch in not tracked bug

  36. Invite email include link in subject

  37. Track tier 1 project pay rate

  38. Bug-European decimal separators in CSV export

  39. Modify need help card in overview to have links to forum pages

  40. Hourly rate showing NaN bug

  41. Business hours doesn't seem to work for support messages

  42. Update tier 0 paywall to mention ads and premium features and freemium.

  43. Fire analytics events for in-app-messages so we can see if messages are showing up correctly

  44. Cannot read property 'width' of undefined error (Sentry Issue)

  45. Setup remoteConfig realtime updates

  46. Premium feature mini paywall and 'hide feature' button

  47. Set the company timezone for tier 0 users

  48. History section, show time of day along with date of change

  49. invite link doesn't work on Staging 3.1.646

  50. Tier 1 project time sheet changes

  51. 3.1.618 crash report

  52. Remember manual entry start and end and reuse it

  53. Bug while editing hours

  54. Bug- while selecting just one day on the calendar

  55. Enable landscape - specially for tablets

  56. Time sheet date picker menu

  57. Add employee limitation option - no duration edit

  58. Add employee limitation option - no manual entry

  59. Update settings screen to better lay things out

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