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June 28th 2024

June 9th 2024

May 31st 2024

Small update, mainly to fix company invites. Here's the full list:

  1. Fix users not able to share invitation link

  2. Update history section to mention what was changed

  3. Export to include paid or not column -> this was included in the release notes from last update, but had actually fallen through and not been included.

We've started rollout of this on Android. The iOS version should be in a day or two (it's going through Apple's review process right now).

April 5th 2024

A small update, mainly to fix the critical issue in calculating labor costs for individual entries.

The update will be rolled out to 100% of people over the day.

March 13th 2024

Added in flat fee items.

Lots of fixes. Some related to export file issues, some for teams.

Full list:

January 29th 2024

This one is quite large, being worked on for about a month. Focus has been on improving usability of the app as well as fixing various bugs.

Big changes are to the time sheet date picker, fix for Android notifications and improvements for tier 1 onboarding flow.

Full list of issues addressed or features added: