Punch in/out doesn't save entries

I encountered this issue: When using the widget app to punch in, start/end break, and punching out, my time entry of that day doesn't get saved. It didn't save all of my entries from November 2023 - January 2024, and my manual saves... I'll have to double check ALL entries after this big update and see if all of it matches with my work records.

I noticed it doesn't save if I have wifi or not, and also if my mobile data is on. I have to manually add in my time card. For me to do that I have to go on my work website, which takes forever to load, and it's too much of a hassle. I use this app to track my hours within a year for my license and this is not reliable.

I was expecting: the app to work and save all my entries without the app taking forever to load and crashing.

My device is: Samsung S21, English, Canada, 3.2.1041.

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5 months ago



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