Excel export total earnings formula bug

If anything on the spreadsheet is changed at all, the earnings column changes and displays the wrong amount. This is because column N is only taking the corresponding row # of cell F and multiplying by the cell in column H

For instance if F14 shows 9.5, H14 shows 21, I14 shows 60, then N14 should display 259.50. However if I delete column O, because I don't need column O's information for my employer, then N14 will incorrectly display 199.5 because I14 is not part of the formula underlying column N. This is occurring in all of column N, not just row 14 as in my example.

By the sound of it, there is more than just column I that is not being included in the formatting underlying column N as other people have described a similar issue involving missing overtime from column N.

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5 months ago


Erika Fehlings

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